Bryan Joiner

Why then I


Let’s see what my friends are up to across the web:

Anonymous Lawyer: A.L. takes the group to see Knocked Up as a precautionary tale. The lesson: unwanted pregnancies can ruin workplace efficiency.

Dustinland: Why we date who we date.

Escapist Entryway: Ben signs off with KOLO-TV in Reno.

Jeremy Blachman: Mom, figs, book tour.

K.D. Photos: Pig: Yeah, I’m chillin’. So what?

Madison and Mayberry: Andrea reviews Top Chef.

Mik Awake: Mik joins a gym. Hilarity ensues.

Rod Barajas: Barajas is watching Webisodes.

The New York Inquirer: Hot dog!


Kelley DeBettencourt Photography

A friend of mine from back home has started her own photography studio, Kelley DeBettencourt Photography. All of the pictures are of aminals and are pretty darn good. You can buy them* or just look at them with your eyes.

* recommended.

Updated 2010: A lot of great wedding photography, and yes, aminals is spelled wrong on purpose.