My attention is scattered about 7 different ways these days, so I have very little for you. I have decompressed by watching episodes of Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends when I get home from work, as I was given the DVD. Very good stuff.

I am disappointed that I broke my computer while en route to Hong Kong; you’ll just have to wait for me to carve out some time at work for me to jot down some trip details. Some post-trip details include seeing Transformers,  which is the worst item of any form of media that I have ever consumed, and possibly the low point in the history of Western or human civilization (it’s that or the Bush presidency). I say this without any trace of irony – I will need three months worth of quality entertainment to wash that film from my body and mind. I started with Rashomon, last night, and continue reading White Noise, which is superlatively excellent. I love many lines, including many of the more cutting ones about the clutter of our society, but then I find something like:

The refrigerator throbbed massively.

… and I love it. Four words, and so well done.