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Martha’s Vineyard Whoops Nantucket

We rolled on them fools for the fifth consecutive year! 48-6! And we’ll be on Sunday Night Football next week too!

Greatest sports year ever.

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A-Rod Wins MVP In One Hour

This is wrong. The Globe’s Jason Tuohey makes a case for David Ortiz as AL MVP over A-Rod, who will certainly win it when the results are announced at 2 p.m. But it’s plain wrong. Ortiz certainly had a better year than most people thought, and possibly his best year ever, but that has nothing to do with Alex Rodriguez, who also possibly had his best year ever. There’s a dynamic here similar to Brady/Manning, in that critics see A-Rod and Ortiz as complementary players. If one is undervalued, then the other must be overvalued. Of course, it’s ludicrous, just as it is for people to think that whatever Tom Brady does reflects on Peyton Manning. David Ortiz is a great player but A-Rod was a little bit better.

Signs of the Apocalypse are Everywhere

So which one is a greater harbinger of doom for the planet:

• The fact that the Buffalo Bisons baseball team felt the need to illuminate their entire stadium because the Bills were on Sunday Night Football? How can NBC have Green Week, when Greenzo scolded Liz Lemon for keeping lights on for ‘The Invisible People,’ and then condone this stuff? THE ENTIRE STADIUM’S LIGHTS WERE ON AND THERE WAS NO ONE IN IT! Normally, I would be worried about the long-term consequences of this…

• … except it may not matter. When, with the Patriots leading 35-7 at halftime of a game on my brother’s birthday, NBC chronicled the Martha’s Vineyard Regional High School football team, I felt my universe was about to collapse upon itself. It will be tough to top that for outright absurdity ever again.