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Sometimes a picture is just gold


Okay, back to the game

Wright Thompson’s profile of Ernie Adams details probably all you need to know about the Patriots. (apparently not everything)

Here’s Football Outsiders’ monstrous, always-smart Super Bowl Preview. “Even if you get to pick your poison, it is still poison…” Aaron Schatz compares the Giants to the 1996 Pats, like I did — get ready for Desmond time.

Grant Joiner tackles the game in this great video

And if you missed it before, here’s my Super Bowl preview

On a non-football note, if you like Freakonomics-type stuff, I’ve started reading a blog called Marginal Revolution. It’s fairly excellent. Check it out here.

Rex Parker Does The NYT Crossword

I just noticed that I have been added to the sidebar at Rex Parker Does The NYT Crossword, a blog that tackles my the NYT XWord with far more skill and panache than I do — and wanted to direct anyone interested over there. If you like the puzzle at all, it’s worth a look. The drawings by Emily Cureton are pretty special as well.

In fact, I was thinking of entering the annual crossword tournament in Brooklyn just after reading the blog. On the same note, I took the annual Jeopardy! online test on Tuesday. It did not go so well.