Bryan Joiner

Why then I

Finally got it

I finally got nipped by the cold. I was pretty careless, walking around without a hat most of time. Didn’t matter until now. The last couple days, haven’t felt great, but thought it would pass. Now my head’s swimming and I’m off to Arizona tomorrow morning. Great timing. Maybe I can get a chicken soup IV drip on US Air for something like $45. That sounds about right.


Michael Steele

Aren’t the party chairpersons just the most willing pols who aren’t in elected office? For all the fuss over Michael Steele, he’s like the 66th team in the NCAA Tournament. Maybe that’s why he lives it up with silly photos and generally shoots his mouth off. What does he have to lose?

I just don’t much care what he says or what he does. He’s a glorified cheerleader, just not that glorified.

The Station Agent

Just saw The Station Agent for the first time, and I can’t remember a better movie that does a better job of exploring how personalities—belonging to people loud, quiet, in pain, ecstatic—fill space in a small town. Just a really sweet movie. Was on the elevator next to Peter Dinklage once at the Union Square theater. Wish I had seen it then.

Other ones I’ve seen recently are both The Prestige and The Illunsionist and Synecdoche, New York. Any thoughts or recs, leave’em in the comments.