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Don’t Forget: The House Actually Works

Watching my Google Reader queue fill up today is the universe’s way of saying, “You know, Brian, you can spend all weekend buying video games, drinking and playing football, thus leaving you tired and cranky as of Monday, but nobody else cares.” That’s how bad it is: the universe spelled my name wrong.

There’s a lot of talk about the Obama budget today, but I submit you have to be a wonk of the highest order to enjoy parsing it, line-by-line. In fact, I’d submit that you’d almost certainly have to be from the minority party and be looking for easy targets, of which there would be too many to count. I’m sure Sean Hannity will talk about them on his show tonight.

The big news, if you can call it that, is that White House Robert Gibbs has called for a Question Time session with Senate Republicans. It won’t happen, so I’m not sure how important it actually is. I do kind of agree with Matt Yglesias (with whom I seem to agree pretty often; political blogging is fun!) when he says that John Boehner has a good point when he effectively rejects bipartisanship vis-a-vis the House. The House works just fine as a legislative institution that is representative of the wishes of the country at the ballot box; with no filibuster in play, the wishes of the people, as represented by the body of the House, are always going to be met in an important way. It’s the Senate that’s broken beyond any easy repair (save nuking the filibuster), and where bipartisanship is the only way to get things done. You can dislike members of the House, but at least it works.


Early Monday Morning Thoughts

Don’t have much to say right now. Drank green tea at 10:30 so God knows when I’ll get to sleep.

• If you didn’t see Barack Obama’s Q&A on Friday, watch it or just read about it. It won’t change how awesome it is.

Kobe. There’s not much more to say anymore. Look, I hate the guy. Have hated the guy. But he’s done too much at this point, and I’ve read too much (specifically here and here) to ignore it. Let’s just move on.

• Football. As I said, I’m on a flag football team. We won yesterday. That was not expected. Been thinking philosophically about football and other sports tonight, as I am wont to do. Specifically thinking about how the contents of the ball (or puck) represent the games themselves, the jumping-off point being the inflated football and the tightly-wound baseball, but the real gem being my association of all the materials of hockey with the output of places in which it is traditionally popular and which, like the game itself, have fallen on tough times. I’ll spare you any further details. Actually got to thinking about this when my friend Sam came over with his six-month-old son, Henry, who was squirmy until we handed him the football, where he got really happy and started to eat the end of it. Sam joked that maybe he’d grow up to be 6’4″ and a star quarterback until he realized Henry probably liked the end of the ball because it looked like a nipple.