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Check out the Tumblr

Hey doggs, if you’re one of those Tumblr people pop on over to my own personal site-type thing, which I just started. I’m not sure of the future of this site vs. that one, but I’d probably bet on the other one, and if it wins I’ll change the URL over. But I’ll still post longer stuff in both places for now… shorter stuff, HOWEVAH, will be province of the Tumblr. So like go there and stuff. I wrote about golf.


The best part about changing blog themes

Was that the name of this one is “benevolence.” Therefore, in order to activate it, I had to click on a link that said ACTIVATE BENEVOLENCE.

Benevolence activated.

All Quiet on the Eastern Front

This will be my last post of February, a month in which set a new record with at least 1,652 views in the shortest month of the year, at its longest. Sure, that’s about as many as The New York Times gets in a minute, or as a poorly-read Deadspin post, but we’re appreciative all the same.

Thanks for reading.

To The 77 Of You (And Counting)…

So far 77 people have viewed this page today, which doesn’t seem like a lot, but it’s by far the most for any day that I haven’t gone out of my way to publicize the content up there (in fact, I haven’t put anything up there at all really, just a link to the incredible 30 Rock episode from yesterday).

But I just wanted to thank everyone for reading. I’m just trying to create a sports blog over here that doesn’t suck.


For those of you who didn’t see, Slate linked over to me this morning in this article.


I’ve been away on some sad business, some ridiculous business and some business business. I hope to have a big post up Friday.

What’s New

I switched my blog hosting over to WordPress from TypePad, which saved me about $70. I didn’t have much need for the services TypePad offered. I am sorry if your comments got deleted, I appreciate them. Starting tomorrow, I’ll have some new, more current posts. Thanks for reading. B