I went to the Devils/Bruins game last night

So that’s right… I went to Newark yesterday. Among my traveling crew, we determined that the first steps we took off the train in Newark were the first steps we had taken in Newark. Jokes followed, but we were at the brand spanking new arena in no time.

I first saw the arena a couple weeks ago when I went to Newark Airport for my Thanksgiving travels, and thought, “Damn, that’s really close, perhaps I should go to a game as it’s a) very easy to get to and b) probably cheaper than the Rangers.” I was right; it is much cheaper. A friend was coming into town and he loves hockey, so he suggested the game, and off we went.

The arena is quite nice, even if we didn’t have the appropriate silver tickets to get into the Belvedere (Vodka) Ice Lounge. Here’s the problem: there was nobody there! The paid attendance was 14,012, but I don’t believe that for a second. Most of the people were crammed up in the top of the stadium, like myself, including a guy who looked like Santa Claus. Except for the Devils jersey.

The Bruins scored three goals in the first period off Possible Best Goalie Ever Martin Brodeur, but the Devils got two in the second, one in the third, and one off the replacement goalie in overtime for the win. As my friend was on a business trip, his boss decided to buy us food and drink without his knowledge, his boss being a man who shall remain nameless, but is quite rich and runs a foundation with his wife, Melinda. Thanks, Bill! You’re the best. Wait…