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Credit Where Credit is Due

I’ll give HBO credit for one thing w/r/t How to Make it in America — buying off Gawker Media. Well played publicity from the POV of getting the show out there and nipping/forestalling the absolutely murderous trashing it would have received on a weekly basis on their 87 sites. Instead we get the Kabuki theater of semi-positive reviews, which is amusing enough in its own right.

A Day Late and a Framed Original Short

The other day some college heads and I were thinking on this cartoon for the New Yorker Caption Contest. Rather than actually thinking up entries, we were debating what sort of entries win, and the consensus seemed to be captions that could only be applied within the contest rather than trying to guess what the missing caption is, so to speak. That is, if the comic had a certain slug in mind, it probably wouldn’t win. That’s just sort of how it goes, and I won’t get any more esoteric than that.

But today I had a flash of inspiration that pretty much would have nailed the whole thing shut. Alas, I’m too late to win with:

“You always say you’d rather read, but I think you’re just a legs man.”