Summer Beer Recommendation

by Bryan

Sam Adams Cherry Wheat

I went to the bodega on Sunday to pick up some Blue Moon – my beer of choice – and they only had 12 packs, and I only wanted a sixer. I was disappointed until I remembered that Sam Adams Cherry Wheat was similar, a wheat beer with a slightly fruity flavor, good for summer. Well, I can say once again that it is great. Pick some up.

While we’re on the topic of beer, you should know that I drank Budweiser on July 4th in Hong Kong, against the advice of my taste buds. It was extremely hot and humid, even at night, so it wasn’t such a bad idea, as it went down easy. These stories and more will follow this week on this blog, but I’ll have to write them at work. I brought my computer to Hong Kong, but like an idiot, I put it in my checked bag, encased in my shoulder bag, but apparently that didn’t pad it enough.