My Boys!

by Bryan

Most of you know that I play many fantasy sports. Well, here are my team names from the past seven years, a combination of inside jokes, pop culture references and utter nonsense that should make my mom proud. This is all I got for today. Thanks to Yahoo! for remembering all these.

Don’t Stop Believing
Cuyahoga Sheet Metal
Free Pie And Chips
The Jerks
Ruppert Mundys
Con Pedro Se Come
Taco-Flavored Kisses
Wyld Stallyns
I Got That Yayo
U.S. Citizens
(I ran these teams in concurrent baseball leagues after I learn that residents of Niger were Nigerois, not “Nigerians.” Those are resident of Nigeria)
Fergus Wins!
Best Picks!
Hoo Rah For Bill
Wet Bandits
Javier Rodriguez
Sex-For-Cash Robots
Chimps Win!
No Yankees
Jose Cruz Jr. Felix
Carne Asada Steak
Tom Brady
Only Flaherty Did It
Pats in the 2K1
Antowain Smith
Eliza Dushku
Boston Celtics
Ben Brissons
Sid Colton All-Stars
This Team Rules