President Simpson?

by Bryan

There was an article in The New York Times yesterday about Hillary Clinton’s letters to a pen-pal in college. They heavily excerpt the letters, and I can’t help but think that Hillary Rodham sounds a LOT like Lisa Simpson, who in fact, became President in one forward-looking Simpsons episode.

“Since Xmas vacation, I’ve gone through three and a half metamorphoses and am beginning to feel as though there is a smorgasbord of personalities spread before me. So far, I’ve used alienated academic, involved pseudo-hippie, educational and social reformer and one-half of withdrawn simplicity.”

“Sunday was lethargic from the beginning as I wallowed in a morass of general and specific dislike and pity for most people but me especially.”

“Can you be a misanthrope and still love or enjoy some individuals? How about a compassionate misanthrope?”

“I’d play out in the patch of sunlight that broke the density of the elms in front of our house and pretend there were heavenly movie cameras watching my every move.”

For what it’s worth, sounding like Lisa Simpson is a good thing, despite my “Major Problem” from last week.