Restaurant Follies and Enough Already

by Bryan

In my last post, I messed up the name of the restaurant to which I went with my cousin and brother, and both of them were quick on the trigger to shoot me down. The restaurant was Alchemy, not Atria (Both exist). One of the boys deserves praise for their keen eye; the other, balder one can stfu. Guess which one is which.

I’m back at work today in the third day of the common cold. It was only three years ago that I first heard the truism “Feed a cold”(slash starve a fever), and I took it to heart without any real thought of whether it was true or not. My simple calculus being: eating makes me feel good so if I am A) sick and B) eat lots of food, I will C) feel somewhat better regardless of whether my symptoms, in fact, persist. This cold, contracted on the rainy Friday afternoon or some time thereafter, is relatively minor or has become so after I slept from 8 p.m. Saturday through 8 a.m. Monday with a few two-hour breaks Sunday to attend a work-mandated event and do some other stuff, then it was back in bed for B. Now I’m at work and still sleepy and my stomach is yelling “Enough Already!” with all the food so it’s probably time for some more green tea. See, I told you this was fun.