I’m back

by Bryan

My blog gives me the search terms people use to find this ole’ blog, and here was yesterday’s list. It goes downhill pretty quickly:



I had a friend in town for the weekend, and you know how that is: exhausting. But it was fun, and I did a couple really great things, the best of which was going to Ellis Island, which is really fantastic. The boat ride is fun too. Other than that, it was a lot of catching up with old friends and eating the fresh tomatoes from my neighbor’s yard. They are resoundingly delicious and she replenishes them faster than I can eat them. Her name is Anna and she is an older woman from Italy/Yugoslavia; that is, as it has been described to me, she is from an area that went back and forth between the countries in World War II-era disputes, and she speaks the languages of both countries. She lives with her brother and maintains and impressive garden, in which there is a shaded seating area with grapes growing overhead. Anyhow, it’s all very nice to look at and even better to eat, and I’m happy that she’s nice enough to share the food with me.