In Rainbows: The Initial Thoughts

by Bryan

me: My early Radiohead suspicions are that this could be a Amnesiac-like precursor to a bigger album

SPM: what makes you say that?

me: I like it, but it lacks a cohesiveness that the last three big albums had – OK Computer, Kid A, Hail to the Thief – it kind of seems like a bunch of songs

Which from Radiohead is always good, but I also gather they’ve played a whole bunch of new material at shows that’s not on here. I could be wrong, I hope not, just to get another album out of it.

Plus, it’s been four years…

And it seems like four years would yield a whole bunch of songs. And I’m guessing it did.

SPM: I’m having a different reaction. I think a lot of these songs have the same feel, almost more than other radiohead albums, which to me were different awesome songs arranged and combined perfectly

but I need at least 10-20 more listens

the first listen is always deceiving

me: I mean, I think these songs do have the same feel, but were arrange dffor that reason, rather than preconceived/structured as an album. You’re right, the first listen is always deceiving, but I feel like they’re probably holding something back.

Which is to say, they’re such a good band that releasing 10 songs after four years seems a little low to me. But lest you think I’m complaining, I’m certainly not, I’m going to wear out these MP3s like a mofo.

SPM:  you ungrateful prick

me: agreed