In 27 Minutes, Josh Beckett Will Not Win The Cy Young Award

by Bryan

I am not going to be surprised, nor am I going to fuss about it. Nor should I: it’s the right decision. Unlike some Boston-focused columnists, the Sox’ wins are enough for me. When Pedro got screwed out of the 1999 MVP award because two people did not vote for him — well, that hurt quite a bit.

Let’s not forget what an abomination that was. Vegas Watch has that listed as the worst MVP vote in history, and more recently, it’s driven Pedro to eat. Or something.

I remember exactly where I was when I heard that. I was in my living room in my first college apartment (during my junior year), and my head about exploded when I saw the ticker. I couldn’t believe it. I was on my way out the door to O’Hare, and I would, coincidentally, miss my flight for the first time ever. The only good part is that it allowed me to go back to my apartment and complain non-stop. I haven’t stopped yet, just muted it in light of recent success.

I’m still pissed about Aaron Boone, too.

(Update: He did not win, nor did I think he deserved to win. By “the wins are enough for me,” I mean the Red Sox’ wins, not his wins, because pitcher wins are dumb.)