by Bryan

Here’s how I felt after Sunday night’s Patriots game: reassured. I was reassured that the Patriots would be incredibly difficult to beat the rest of the way, and reassured that they won despite the challenge the Eagles threw up there.


The Eagles played their best game of the year Sunday — you know it, I know it, and the American people know it. They protected A.J. Feeley like no other line has protected against New England pressure all year and Feeley played like A.J. Unitas for three and a half quarters. If not for one phantasmagorically stupid play, the second Samuel interception, the Eagles could have easily won. They even dropped three or four near-interceptions and still came close to the upset. But I’m still reassured.


Because Feeley was more Brady than Brady for three quarters, and if that’s what it takes to beat the Patriots (on top of their O-line and defensive wizardry), I’ll take it. That’s a tall order for anyone, but Feeley was a treat to watch the other night. That’s not going to happen against Kyle Boller, John Beck, Kellen Clemens or Eli Manning. It could happen against Big Ben, and that’s why the Steelers game is big. But the Steelers are banged up. To quote a great man, though, I like our chances.

On the down side, we lost Roosevelt Colvin for the year. This was his best year so far for the Patriots, as he was finally back to full speed after a 2004 injury. To replace Colvin, we had a Brown-out: we re-signed Chad Brown, activated Troy Brown from the Physically Unable To Perform list and to make room, waived Kareem Brown. Maybe he’ll sign… with the Browns.