A Great Night For America

by Bryan

I’m trying to stay politics-neutral, but this cuts across party lines.

Last night, the Democrats handed the most important primary of the year to Barack Obama, a black man. That’s history of the best kind.

Last night, the Republicans handed the same primary to Mike Huckabee. That’s great too, and here’s why:

After 8 years of Bush/Rove campaigning under the evangelical banner, there are many who equate the Christian movement in America with bad people. And that’s sad. I’m not a practicing Christian by any means (or a practicing anything), but I cringe whenever my friends attack someone for being ‘religious.’ It’s not inherently a bad thing. Mike Huckabee is an actual ‘compassionate conservative,’ which is why he doesn’t have to use it as a slogan. Everybody knows it. And whatever his more extreme views, compassion is good. He won’t win the nomination and he won’t become President, if only because his foreign policy intelligence is substandard (and there are other reasons, even faith-based one) but it’s nice to see him win Iowa on the basis of being a decent person against Mitt Romney — the only person who I will say is disgustingly unqualified to be President and a phony in every possible way — give me him a hundred times over. The Iowa voters made good choices.