Can’t Stop What’s Coming

by Bryan

Just watched No Country For Old Men for the second time tonight. Got the DVD when I was the first person to work and the UPS guy came in while I was checking my messages. It pissed me off because I didn’t want to get up, and I don’t usually sign for the UPS guy. I had to get up and walk clear across the office. The package was addressed to someone who hasn’t worked at our company in five years. He used to work for the toy magazine, not the licensing magazine I work for. The package was small and full of two DVDs. I might have put it on my co-worker’s desk if I hadn’t seen the label, which read, “No Country/Dan in Real.” I opened the package, took out the movies and put them in my bag. Later on I offered up Dan in Real Life to the office. One of the toy magazine staffers took it, happily, as expected. If he would have been at work earlier, he would have gotten both movies, but I got No Country.