New Year’s Resolution #1: Only read blogs by people I know

by Bryan

I read a lot of blogs, but I’ve made a command decision to stop reading blogs that aren’t by friends of mine. I just don’t see the point in reading a random person’s random thoughts, and this might be because my friends’ blogs pretty much cover everything I want to read about, aided by two new ones and one I’m just learning about:

My Checklist — 2009 things to do in 2009 by Ben

BizNass Review — the sublime, the absurd, and the sublimely absurd in hip-hop and pop culture from, the master, the Biz

Roby’s Intermittent Thoughts — I haven’t even written my college friend back to tell him I’ve started to read this, so don’t tell him yet, but this is a blog from a friend who’s a doctor now and it’s generally great. He just went to South Africa to work in a hospital.

These, of course, just supplement my normal roster:

Donkey Hottie — from Moacir, an English PhD student, and this can cover pretty much anything

Cleveland Frowns — sports, sports betting, political/social/philosophical stuff from Frownie

banana nutriment — esotericism from PTB — a ragingly popular blog from N.R. Silver

Jeremy Blachman— inside L.A.’s TV and film industry, with writerly stuff

Mik Awake — A sample:

Hey, S–

Just wanted to let you know I had a really great time kicking it with you outside of work. One question though: why do you remind me of my mother so much?

BTW, I mean that as a compliment. A sexual compliment.



The one exception to “I must know them”: the guys at Surviving Grady, the best Sox bloggers out there.

This is what I read. Links to be updated on the right correspondingly at some point