Haircut in the 34th Street Subway Stn.

by Bryan

Every day, I walk past the barber shop in the 34th Street subway station and ask myself, who on earth would get a haircut there? (Besides the people I can see getting haircuts — they obviously would.)

Well, this morning I answered my own question. It was me! I’m going to Phoenix for some R&R today, and I was too shaggy.  I haven’t found a barber shop in my neighborhood yet and this was the backup plan and I sort of ran out of time so — ta da! In we went.

I actually had to wait at 9:30 in the morning, which was odd but whatever. I then sat down for a HC by an obviously Russian dude, which brings my streak of Russian/former SSR barbers to three. Anyhow, I gave the ‘structions and we were off.

I’m a no fuss kind of guy, and I like fast haircuts. This was not one of those. Dude spent 25 minutes — twenty five — making sure that every hair on the side and back of my head was the perfect length. Used three different shavers and two sets of scissors.

He then spent, no joke, 45 seconds on the top of my head.

The price of this bewildering cut was $13.