by Bryan

Just in time for the day after Thanksgiving, here’s some trivia related to tonight’s activities. I spent the evening at my friend Ravi’s house by invitation, and it was about as wonderful a time as you can imagine. To the questions!

1. When Ravi’s mom went to bed at 9:30 and warned us against drinking the full bottle of scotch we had, we told her that would never happen. Was she:

a) 20% right
b) 40% right
c) 60% right
d) 80% right
e) 100% right

2. Said scotch was 18 years old and from an island off the coast of Scotland. Its signature flavor was:

a) cherry
b) oak
c) smoke
d) sweat
e) seal

3. We watched the Bulls/Jazz game on TV, and after a detailed exposition, I compared a basketball player to Billy Zane. He is:

a) Mehmet Okur
b) Andrei Kirilenko
c) Brad Miller
d) Luol Deng
e) Paul Millsap

Answers to be submitted in the comments. Hope you had a good turkey day.