The Clippers!

by Bryan

I was on the train this morning and two dudes who obviously didn’t know each other were talking about the NBA. They talked for the entire 20 minute ride I was on. They really enjoyed it. They weren’t trying to get away from each other. They were sifting through topics like a kid sifting through sand. The Lakers, Clippers, early-aughts Knicks… they covered it all.

Now the Clippers are relevant! How awesome is that? It would be considerably more awesome if their owner wasn’t such an odious human being, even by the advanced standards of sports owners. He’s an old, racist kook. It makes it hard to root for them. But we haven’t had to deal with that particular problem for a long time. Now we do.

It’s quite different from what’s going on with the Cleveland Browns, where a proud city and franchise crumble under the weight of their own insecurities. The Browns are the NFL’s worst franchise, if you’re grading on a curve. At least the Bengals have nothing to shoot for. They’re just the Bengals, and always will be.

And so we beat on, boats against the current, borne back ceaselessly into the past, with only sports to talk about.