A very simple ‘Random Access Memories’ explainer

by Bryan


I’m sure other people on the Internet have thought of this, but here’s the narrative I see in ‘Random Access Memories.’:

1. Give Life Back to Music: Robots arrive. Thesis statement.

2. The Game of Love: In the first part of the robots’ story, someone gets their heart broken.

3. Giorgio by Moroder: They learn the value of music.

4. Within: They realize they have to move on.

5. Instant Crush: They have an instant crush.

6. Lose Yourself to Dance: They dance with the crush.

7. Touch: They touch the crush.

8. Get Lucky: They get lucky with the crush.

9. Beyond: The night with the crush is ending.

10. Motherboard: They leave the crush.

11. Fragments of Time: They remember the crush fondly.

12. Doin’ it Right: They repeat the process.

13. Contact: Robots leave.