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Health Care Tweets For Your Funny Bone

Here’s are my Health Care Tweets. Some of them are funny. Some of you read my Twitter feed, others don’t. I will probably write some more.

Peal and Repeal are walking down the street. Peal falls and breaks his arm. Who’s pissed that it doesn’t bankrupt him?

Dammit, I got 11th in my pre-existing conditions fantasy draft. I’m gonna be stuck with bacne.

Boehner said health care reform would be done over his “dead body.” So was that angry guy last night the smoke monster?

Republicans in 2003: If you don’t love it, leave it. Dems today: If you don’t love it, stay and we’ll take care of you when you’re sick.

VIDEO: Obama’s statement in its entirety

If I do say so, I’m on fire tonight. Good thing in our socialist paradise, I can call the FDNY for free.

Good news for *some* GOP members. They can now claim racism as a pre-existing condition.

Looks like I picked the right week to start sniffing glue.

George W. Bush to House GOP: Quit your whining. I didn’t have the most votes, and I still won.



I get a lot of Spam at work and it’s almost always from exquisitely-named fake people. Seriously, I think the best part of being a spammer is thinking up the names, unless they come from a name generator, which seems pretty likely. I want to meet these people.

Delbert Lugo
Gregorio Burton
Lonnie Herrera
Demetrius Barlow
Douglas Quick
Luann Ziegler
Williams Mogaji
Penny Spaulding
Arnold Dove
Stark E. Beatrix
Buford McCord
Cecilia G. Gentry
Kory Land
Conception Colbert
Tracy Farr
Brigitte Byers

To the judges:

Bronze: Williams Mogaji
Silver: Conception Colbert
Gold: Stark E. Beatrix