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Glaciers and Dominos

I like people who pronounce “glacier” “glassier,” which means I think I like Europeans. That has nothing to do with the rest of this thought. I’m moving like a glacier this week. I have all sorts of things I need to do — work-work, home-work, taxes, exercise — and I feel like I’m carrying all this stuff with me through the week, a slow-building and slow-moving mass of stuff that I need to excavate like soon. TLB, and specifically the cover of TLB, isn’t going to finish itself. Finishing the cover usually sets up a domino effect with everything else. So maybe it’s time for that glacier to knock over the first domino.


Time for something new?

This post is about my job, so anyone who doesn’t like hearing about the day-to-day of being a trade editor should probably just skip it. But I am wiped. out. today to the point that I’m finally realizing it’s time to get serious about moving on. It’s one thing to be the editor of a magazine, and it’s one thing to technically be responsible for every p and q therein, but being a small enough operation where it’s my responsibility to personally inspect every p and q 10 times has taken its toll on me. As I wrote yesterday in a fit of delirium, I’ve done this before, and what I didn’t write yesterday is that while last night’s staying-up-late-to-finish-the-magazine session was unique for some reasons (i.e., being in the office for 16 hours), it was typical in the sense that finishing these issues is a drain.

That’s not entirely an accident, because as much as I would like to convince myself otherwise, this is a straight-out-of-college job, a starter job that I backed into after my rough go in Queens. In fact, my career has gone roughly the exact opposite direction you’d expect given the two experiences; I’d be a much better reporter now, and I would have had more energy to be the big fish in the tiny jar six years ago. But what’s happened has happened. I just don’t know how much more I can take. I have another issue that I have to turn around in exactly two weeks and I can’t even think of going into the office tomorrow because I’m so worn out. The good part is that the other main editor and I have discussed and agreed to a division of duties (me, more writing; her, more layout and editing) that suits both of our strengths, but we’re not putting that into play until after this is done. Right now I am very much in the shit, and it sucks.

The question is, where to go from here? I don’t know, and the whole thing is exacerbated by the fact that I’ve got a headache and can’t stomach the fact of going back to the office in 8 or so hours. At least I’ll get birthday drinks on Friday. That’s a plus.

Things I Said To My Boss Today – A List In Its Entirety



“I hope one of the firefighters comes down and says, ‘Everything is gone, but we managed to save Hot Shots.'”

“Why is it silly? It is an ad. No, that’s fine, I was stretching to make it two pages anyway.”