Top o’ the Morning

by Bryan

Good morning, folks. It’s Friday. The Red Sox lose for once, The Office is back on the air, and would a tax on soda really cost you anything? Let’s get to it.

1. SOX GO DOWN The Red Sox’ seven-game winning streak ended last night at the hands of the Angels, who now lead the season series 5-4. These teams will almost certainly meet in the first round of the playoffs for he fifth times, and the Red Sox have won all previous four. The question is: does that matter? And the answer is probably “no.” But the Yankees probably like it nonetheless, given their history against the Angels in the 2000’s (did we ever decide what to call this decade?). They’re 0-2 in the playoffs against the Halos and any Yankees fan will tell you something along the lines of “The Angels own us.” That may or may not be true, but either way, I’m not sure a Yankees/Tigers series would work out well for humanity. Then again, anything can happen.

Of course, the best possible result is that the Red Sox and Yankees meet again, and the Red Sox simply blow them out of the water, despite a weaker team and weaker record. For all the talk of the Red Sox having the “upper hand” in the rivalry after the glorious events of 2004, they’ve never stepped on the Yankees from start to finish, which, Clemens/Pedro aside, the Yankees did to the Sox in 1999. That happens, and Yankees fans will really go crazy.

2. SOME THING We may have just realized the downside to having the blog under one’s full name when one works in certain industries, and will keep you posted if we “read” anything somewhere else.

3. THAT’S IT I’ve been pulled into other things at the moment.