Been About 8 Years

by Bryan

Since I’ve had a proper publishing Production Night—up late, putting the finishing touches on an issue before daybreak. Not much need for it in the trade magazine biz, and the second newspaper I worked at in Queens (and the one I worked at for by far the longest), we handled all that stuff in the late afternoon and maybe early evening hours. Our new business plan involves putting out targeted mini-magazines tied to trade shows, and the Halloween Show is coming in a couple weeks. With the other editor on maternity leave, it was basically up to me to get the magazine done in about two weeks of actual work time. It was fun as sh*t. This is what I love to do. I don’t like sitting in the office for weeks on end, waiting to know if we’re going to publish anything again, and that’s what I’ve gotten used to.

The only difference between this production night and the others is that I was the only person there. The latest anyone usually works there is 8, and that’s exceedingly rare. Most people like the job because it’s a 9-to-5; that’s what I don’t like about it, though the benefits are good (we’re grading on a curve here; I am a writer. At least nominally). No one else would even think of staying that late, but that’s my instinct. It just seems like the most efficient way to get things done, and when they are done, there’s adrenaline to spare. Hence the blog post.

But I also know that there’s quickly diminishing returns, and that I’m happy I don’t do this for a living anymore (stay up late, that is). Once is exhilirating, twice is interesting, and anything on top of that is a drain and self-perpetuating. If I wanted that lifestyle I’d be a waiter and make a lot more money doing it.