Hillary As Revenge

by Bryan

I saw a friend this weekend who is a big Hillary Clinton supporter, and for the exact reason which I discounted here last week — that she is Bill Clinton’s wife. This particular friend, an honest-to-God-old-school Texas Democrat, is a strong advocate of politics as a (tug-of-?) war where you maximize every advantage you have for the sole purpose of fucking over your enemy, whom you despise. To use a sports analogy, it’s like a Yankees/Red Sox type of thing; he thinks it’s not enough to support one side — you have to HATE the other side. He takes every Karl Rove- or Dick Cheney-orchestrated maneuver personally, every Rumsfeld “unknown known” right in the stomach, every Wolfowitz and Alberto Gonzalez fuckup right to the kidney. He HATES Republicans, all of ’em, every last one. I know a few and they’re not so bad (!), so it’s harder for me to get up the urge to step on their collective throats. But I understand.

Anyhow, he’s voting for Hillary Clinton. And why is he voting for Hillary Clinton?

“Because after eight years of this fuckup president, there’s no better revenge than putting the Clintons back in the White House. You re-elected George Bush? Fine. Well guess, what? The Clintons are back. Load up the U-Hauls. Yee-haw, motherfuckers.”

This discussion/wonderful tirade opened my eyes a bit to how visceral the pain is for card-carrying Democrats these days. I’m not sure I agree with him enough to follow his lead — I think a better “fuck you” would be a better president than Hillary — but I definitely see where he’s coming from. I do think it would be a great “fuck you” to have the Republicans to have the virtual picture ofd Bill Clinton just chillin’ on the White House grass in a lawn chair, drinking iced tea and waving to passersby — you know, giving the job as much attention and GWB does now. But it’s going to take a bit more for Hillary to get my vote.

There are six “fucks” in this post. Seven now. Yikes.

I think as the election progresses, there are going to be a lot of political posts. Presidential elections fascinate me.